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Hi Karen, just want to share this with you while I'm so clearly aware —​ my experience today was that as I was getting dressed after the session I felt myself grounded in an old way, it felt familiar and took a minute for me to realize that I hadn't felt that way in a long time —​ the way I used to be of standing, feeling grounded, my body in space. Next, as I went to the car, I realized that my left leg was sore but not hurting, if that makes sense. I was aware of walking in a natural way, without being aware of a glitch or tightness in those two places on the outside of my knee. In the car, I was aware of my leg bending more easily as I drove and not needing to be stretched out as much. When I climbed the stairs into our building, my knee went straight up (in alignment) rather than drifting out to the left as it usually does unless I can make it stay straight. In my sessions I was able to keep my knees bent more of the time and because it felt like the muscle/tissue was working or stretching but not hurting, I was again able to hold the stretch more and breathe into it for a longer period of time. Then when I left work and went to the grocery store and got out of the car, it still felt the same —​ kind of sore but not hurting. Carrying a big bag of groceries brought back the pain feeling, however when I got home and got out of the car, the painful feeling was gone and it was just that soreness. This is the longest that I have felt that way in my left knee since September. Even now sitting here at the computer, I can pull the knee into more of a bend and it feels like a pull and sore but not as much pain. (My experience previously is that the pain would disappear while I walked to the car or down the block, but as soon as I sat for a while or after walking a block, it would come back and then from then on it would really hurt whenever I moved.) Also, I was able to feel on the inside how the hamstrings working when I walked meant that I was more able to feel into the ground and that my attention could be on that and not on the pain in my knee. so, Thank you! I have been feeling hopeful; this experience has given me a sense of my body as it used to be, and the awareness in my body of how it can be again. I wish I could hire a skywriter to go above Ballston with my expressions of gratitude for you to see whenever you want! —​ RN

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