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Collaborative Physical Therapy

As I think about the shift in awareness it has so much to do with how my body felt able to relax and breathe. I now realize that I also was aware of the energy exchange with the therapists. When I came home from that initial visit I knew that a shift was occurring for the better and that ongoing shift enables me to trust myself more, especially because of all the affirming comments that Karen graces me with. —​ EM

I had to make a decision about finding a safe place to do physical therapy. On my own I googled for places in Arlington and came up with a couple of places that might work for my circumstances. I felt really heard by one of the therapists and decided that was whom I was going to go with. It has turned out to be a wonderful fit. I am not only learning what I need to do to strengthen my body but the coaching is spot on, I feel free to ask questions and not be judged, I feel truly heard, and I am blessed to be affirmed on my insights and progress. —​ Kudos Karen!

Hi Karen, just want to share this with you while I'm so clearly aware —​ my experience today was that as I was getting dressed after the session I felt myself grounded in an old way, it felt familiar and took a minute for me to realize that I hadn't felt that way in a long time —​ the way I used to be of standing, feeling grounded, my body in space. Next, as I went to the car, I realized that my left leg was sore but not hurting, if that makes sense. I was aware of walking in a natural way, without being aware of a glitch or tightness in those two places on the outside of my knee. In the car, I was aware of my leg bending more easily as I drove and not needing to be stretched out as much. When I climbed the stairs into our building, my knee went straight up (in alignment) rather than drifting out to the left as it usually does unless I can make it stay straight. In my sessions I was able to keep my knees bent more of the time and because it felt like the muscle/tissue was working or stretching but not hurting, I was again able to hold the stretch more and breathe into it for a longer period of time. Then when I left work and went to the grocery store and got out of the car, it still felt the same —​ kind of sore but not hurting. Carrying a big bag of groceries brought back the pain feeling, however when I got home and got out of the car, the painful feeling was gone and it was just that soreness. This is the longest that I have felt that way in my left knee since September. Even now sitting here at the computer, I can pull the knee into more of a bend and it feels like a pull and sore but not as much pain. (My experience previously is that the pain would disappear while I walked to the car or down the block, but as soon as I sat for a while or after walking a block, it would come back and then from then on it would really hurt whenever I moved.) Also, I was able to feel on the inside how the hamstrings working when I walked meant that I was more able to feel into the ground and that my attention could be on that and not on the pain in my knee. so, Thank you! I have been feeling hopeful; this experience has given me a sense of my body as it used to be, and the awareness in my body of how it can be again. I wish I could hire a skywriter to go above Ballston with my expressions of gratitude for you to see whenever you want! —​ RN

After an episode of excruciating back pain that took me to a hospital emergency room 18 months ago, Ms. Karen Taylor Soiles literally helped me get back on my feet. Back pain has been a lifetime problem, so I have experienced physical therapy virtually everywhere I have lived in Europe and in the US, and I have been fortunate to find competent physical therapists to relieve my pain temporarily. Ms. Taylor Soiles is by far the very best and most efficient I have known. Not only did she use the panoply of traditional methods with great care, skill and compassion to relieve the symptoms quickly and efficiently but also she dealt with the core issues underlying my back problem. She taught me how to defeat chronic back pain. Thanks to her focus on and mastery of an integrative approach to physical therapy (PRI) and to her very clear instructions, I have been free of back pain for the last year and a half. I am eternally grateful to her and highly recommend her services. —​ Saida D.

​I have had great results working with Karen and would highly recommend her as a Physical Therapist —​ ET

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