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Collaborative Physical Therapy

What Karen's patients have to say

After a recent vacation and hiking trip, the pain and suffering I had was like none I had ever experienced. I couldn’t even walk the dog. Karen’s treatments and exercises put me into alignment and back on my feet quickly. I am now playing tennis and taking part in all activities, pain free. —​ LD

Karen exhibits a passion for her discipline that is unmatched! She is compassionate, thorough, and driven. I have been treated by Karen for years and I hold her and PRI in the highest regard. —​ Jill R.

Karen is the nicest person in the world. And she is a miracle worker too!

I've been trying to incorporate left stance into my life daily. Left stance exercises, left stance when I'm walking, left stance when sitting, even left stance at the gym when I workout. The progress has been rapid. I can see a lot of the concepts you were telling me like how I lost left peripheral vision. I had no idea that my vision was blurry because of right stance. Who knew that almost every health trouble I had was a result of being in right stance all day? 
You have done great work for me, Karen,  and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. —MM, age 28

"I tried traditional PT for my back pain and wondered why it wasn't working. As time went on it actually seemed to make it worse. I knew I was too young to be struggling to get around, but didn't know what was wrong, much less where to look for help. Luckily someone turned me onto CPT and the PRI approach. Karen helped me discover what was causing my pain and taught me techniques to manage and overcome it.

       Recently, I went deep sea fishing for the first time since starting PRI. It was amazing to notice the difference in my mobility. I was able to easily do things I had previously struggled with. Looking back, I honestly don't know how I was able to function before PRI. Thanks to Karen my back pain is no longer a daily battle!" —​ Dustin C., age 25

Karen my journey feels graced with your presence—​ EM

Four years ago, I had an opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I also had a hamstring that had been in pain for years, even after several attempts to heal it traditionally. Then I started going to see Karen Taylor Soiles, PT. Karen worked with me on a number of postural restoration exercises that isolated and strengthened the dormant muscles in my leg and core, while leaving the poor overused ones alone. After just a few visits, I had a pain free day. I practiced the basic “hip shift” exercise everywhere —​ at work, in the car, at the movies. In a few short weeks, I went from a hamstring that was so painful at times I couldn’t sit down to feeling 95% pain free. Four months later, I climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,341 ft. I will be forever grateful. —​ KS

Karen Taylor Soiles, PT — Postural Restoration Center